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Call 662-664-1000 for pricing and more info on ceramic coating.

Thrasher's Taxidermy and Deer Processing offers ceramic coating for firearms. Ceramic coating involves the use of a product called Cerakote™ developed by NIC Industries™ after great research into firearms and their respective coatings. Cerakote™ provides excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness, and unmatched durability. Each coating has a unique ultra slick feel, while providing sleek satin or matte finish. It is also used as a final finish over parkerizing.

These coatings surpass Teflon™ and most other coatings for wear resistance by well over 60%, according to testing by an independent laboratory. Coating hardness is approximately 9H and is 1 to 1.5 mil in thickness. One example of durability has been exposure to a 5% salt spray in excess of 1000 hours with no adverse affect.

The process we follow involves:

• Complete Disassembly
• Degrease or bathe
• Remove rust, dents, scratches, and other imperfections as requested.
• Bead blast the surface and dust for maximum adhesion.
• Mask, plug, or block surfaces to not be coated
• Apply appropriate number of coatings
• Oven cure or air cure as appropriate
• Polish if required
• Reassemble

Cerakote™ firearms coatings have been tested in salt spray and full emersion and have withstood beyond 3,000 hours in salt spray and hundreds of hours in full emersion testing. These results outperform other finishes by over 10x. This makes Cerakote™ ceramic firearms coatings the clear choice for marine environments and other environments subject to high humidity.

Cerakote™ firearm finishes can withstand over 8,000 wear cycles per mil (.0001). The Tabor wear test uses an 8" abrasive wheel applied to a metal plate coated with 1 mil thickness of the Cerakote™ coating. In addition, Cerakote's™ Coefficient of Friction is 80% less than stainless steel against stainless steel. When one or both moving parts of a firearm are coated you can expect a longer product wear cycle.

Cerakote™ firearm finishes have an ASTM D3359 rating of 5B and can withstand a 180° mandrel bend rotation test around a 1/4" mandrel and a ball bearing impact test of 160 inch-lbs with no cracking or loss of adhesion.


Call 662-664-1000 for pricing and more info on ceramic coating.


Home > Ceramic Coating

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